Artificem commendat opus; Laus alit artes;

Omnis ars naturae imitatio est; Nullum magnum ingenium sine mixtura dementiae fuit; Ars est philosophia vitae; Ars longa, vita brevis; Artis sola domina necessitas.

your every moment

as a work of art

language of photography

Good photography is an inspirational thing. It captures that one moment in time that tells the whole story. On a simple piece of paper is captured the real personality - the one that lies behind the face in the picture.

Sometime the inspiration comes quickly, at other times it makes us wait. In a flash it can be caught - that image which causes everyone who sees it to smile. As time flows unceasingly forward, the photograph makes it pause for just a heartbeat for the memory to be recorded. Each subsequent moment will never be repeated, they have to be caught while they can be!

Photography is a way of seeing the world that seeks therein it's unique qualities. A good photographer can see what is harmonious and what is truly important and then reveal it to the world.

Every moment, important or insignificant, will soon be history. Catch it while you can, and look... in every moment there is art...

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